Pregnancy Support Center of Rowan County





Our history with the Pregnancy Support Center of Rowan County dates back to 2008 when we redesigned the organization’s identity – from logo to printed materials to special events. 

Most non-profits cannot afford high quality graphic design and marketing services so, they try to find someone who will donate them. That can lead to a potluck approach to branding as artists and agencies rotate to support other non-profits.  We were at this stage, ready to release them to pursue another non-profit who could use our services.

But, a new director arrived, filled with vitality and the desire to breath new life into this organization.  So, when she asked us to stay and assist her in her quest to grow this group – we agreed.  The result – an exciting rebirth for this thirty-year old service is underway.

They are our non-profit partner that we are blessed to support.

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